Why My Cartridge Leak and How to Prevent Cartridge Leak

Nothing annoys like having a cannabis vape pen with a leaking cartridge.

And, with hundreds of vape pens available in the market, finding one with a leaking cartridge is not news anymore.

Of course, quite a number are due to quality issues – remember, some e-cigarette manufacturers do not follow the right quality processes.

That aside – What should you do when you have a leaking electronic cigarette cartridge?

Well, first, you should identify the problem. Then secondly, try to figure out an appropriate solution to the problem.

And, I am going to show you how to go about it.

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Well, do you have a leaking cartridge?

Here’s how to go about it:

Your Electronic Cigarette Cartridge is of Low Quality

A low-quality cartridge will definitely leak. It may not be today, but sometime in the near future.

It is for this reason that you should choose high quality and reliable cartridge.

Here are some quality issues that can lead to possible leakage.

a)     When a cartridge has a bad system setting

Generally, this would imply that the cotton size, metal size or intake hole size do not fit well. As a result, it will cause the atomizer to malfunction. Consequently, it will cause you cartridge to leak.

b)     The cartridge may have poor quality parts

Design, fabrication and subsequent assembly of parts will determine whether your cartridge will leak or not.

Take for example, when cartridge parts have poor tolerance (or, not precise), they may not fit well.

Obviously, this will cause leakage in your cartridge.

c)     Cartridge from companies that do not conform to the right quality standards

Not all electronic cartridge brands you see out there are made by trusted companies. In fact, there are counterfeit products that resemble the original designs.

This is why you need to buy your cannabis vape pen direct from the manufacturer or authorized dealer.

From experience, the cartridge from companies that do not adhere to strict quality control are assembled poorly. As a result, they will obviously leak.

A good cartridge should conform to the following quality standards:

  1. cGMP compliant
  2. CE
  3. RoHS
  4. FCC
  5. ISO
  6. TUV

In short, a cartridge that does not meet the right quality standards will obviously leak. It is this simple – go for high-quality vape pen accessories.

Apart from quality, cartridge leakage can be due to:

Working process of cartridge

Well, I know this may sound a little technical, but I will break it down for you.

The working principle of the cartridge depends on the theory of negative pressure. Implying, the pressure in the cartridge tank should be lower than outside the tank.

Otherwise, it will leak.

To prevent this, you should quickly screw up the cartridge to the mouthpiece tip. It should be as soon possible, say 2-3 minutes when bulk filled.

At the same time, some leakages can be due to the customer.

For instance, a customer may complain that the cartridge is leaking. Only to find that they did not screw up the mouthpiece tip fast enough.

Or, they did not screw it up in the right status, say messing up the seal ring. Definitely, when it is not in good status, it will leak.

Clearly, you can prevent possible cartridge leakage by understanding process instructions and opting for quality products.

I hope this solves your cartridge leaking problem.

Still, if you’re facing more problems, you can contact us today.

Our professional technical staff is available 24/7 to help you.

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