Changing the CBD Oil Vape Game

How many times have you taken a puff from your CBD Oil vape device and have gotten weak flavor and weak vapor? If you are like any of us, it’s too numerous to count. While CBD Vape device have been a godsend for those looking to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects, the fact of the matter is, the technology behind it is far from perfect.

Fortunately, the good people behind HZC e-cigarette has step up to the plate and delivered a home run through its new Turbo Permeate Technology.

Game Changer?

HZC is a company that listens to its customers. After receiving a deluge of feedback regarding burnt tastes, lack of flavor, and weak vapor in their devices, the company decided to do something about it. After much research through their dedicated R&D team, and with their partner Professor Lee of Sun Yat Sen University, HZC has found a solution.

Turbo Permeate Technology utilizes advanced porous ceramic coils, where a porous ceramic material is dotted with nanoscopic holes and wrapped in a heating coil, that allows CBD oil to seep through much more efficiently, resulting in a much more significant vapor production (studies have shown a whopping 36% increase!). This is done by the reduced resistance of the ceramic’s surface, ensuring oil is able to seep through easily and effectively.

Cloud Volume compare (CC)

Aside from the increased vapor, the improved coil will also limit the weak, burnt tasting vape some people experience. Because the ceramic coil is constantly saturated with oil, the cartridges equipped with Turbo Permeate Technology will result in an increased performance across the board. Vapor concentration improves by 28% and each vape will give users a much more smooth and flavorful experience.

Vapor concentration compare

Producing these game-changing ceramic coils is made possible by using advanced injection and mold technology.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned, tests show that vapor production, flavor, and the overall efficiency of the coil has improved in all aspects. Tested with the same device, CBD Oil, but with various cartridges, the ones with Turbo Permeate Technology has consistenly wiped the floor with them. Besting all other cartridges by a huge margin.

Is it a game changer in CBD vape tech? You bet.

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