Why You Should Choose CBD Oil Vape

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking to enjoy the many benefits marijuana has to offer, but without the psychoactive effects. Of all the cannabinoids extracted from the marijuana plant, two are well-known by consumers: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

different between cbd and thc

THC is essentially the compound that produces psychoactive effects. It is what makes a person “high.” CBD, on the other hand, offers the same medical benefits as marijuana but without the psychoactive effects. Because of this, many people who are after the curing properties of marijuana, but without the “high” that comes with it, look to CBD as the perfect alternative.

From CDB wax, CBD balms, CBD oils, and many more are now being sold to help cure ailments ranging from the physical (acne and pain), to the more serious (such as Alzheimer’s and cancer).

Why CBD Oil Vape?

When it comes to ingesting CBD, some issue arise when using it topically or orally. You won’t really get the exact dosage right, and it can result to some mild discomfort. Personally, I used to drop 3 drops of CBD oil under my tongue to help me sleep. However, one night, I accidentally ingested five drops. While two drops may not seem like much, it was enough to give me ‘cotton mouth‘ in the middle of the night. I had to go get a drink of water several times that night, and because of the added hydration, this led me to take several bathroom breaks as well. Instead of giving me a good night’s sleep, I ended up not sleeping at all.

After that episode, I stopped ingesting the oil orally and instead started vaping it. Why vape? Because inhaling CBD vapor gives a more uniform dosage. You won’t overdose on vaping too since the amount in each puff you take is not that significant. Personally, a few puffs before bed gave me a good night’s sleep all the time. The only way you get more than the required dosage is if you WILLINGLY vape more than what you need.

Though overdosing on CBD is not at all fatal, or even dangerous, it can be a hindrance sometimes. By vaping the oil, you can easily regulate your medication without accidental drop occurring. And sometimes, just one accidental drop can make a difference.

Vape it, Not Smoke It

Since inhaling CBD is better than ingesting it, you might tell yourself that it’s better to smoke a ‘joint’ instead. However, when you smoke a ‘joint’ you also inhale carbon monoxide. We all know how carbon monoxide damages our lungs and is one of the reasons why smoking cigarettes is extremely bad for you. Granted, smoking marijuana introduces less toxins in your body than a cigarette, but there are toxins still.

Instead of smoking a joint, why don’t you try vaping instead? When you vape CBD oil, you inhale vapor instead of smoke. Vapor brings the required compounds in your lungs, through your bloodstream, without the damaging effects of carbon monoxide. Also, by inhaling, you distribute the CBD throughout your body faster than rubbing balms or ingesting oil can ever do.

It was mentioned that inhaling CBD allows you to regulate your dosage. Unlike when you ingest oil or rub balm on your skin, vaping CBD allows you to feel the effects faster. This gives you enough time to stop vaping more, reducing your chances on over dosing.

Additionally, if you are addicted to smoking, CBD Oil vape helps you curb your oral cravings too. Helping you quit smoking as well.


Whether you smoke joints of it, rub balm of it on your skin, or ingest drops of it, the issue here is that it’s all the same over and over again. What makes CBD Oil vape much more appealing is the sheer variety of flavors you can vape with it.

CBD Oil vape can be mixed with almost any flavor you can think of to give it a little bit of kick. Though you can opt to vape it in its original form, it can get tired after awhile. But with flavors? The possibilities are endless.

Want some fruity tones with your vape? Easy. Craving for some candy or a chocolate taste? Why sure. You can have a cake-flavored vape, drink-flavored, food-flavored, and even tobacco-flavored if you are looking to substitute analog cigarettes and quit.

While not all these flavors are necessarily available with CBD Oil, you can simply purchase some 0mg nicotine flavored ejuice from any vape merchant, add your CBD oil in, and voila! Instant flavored CBD Oil vapes to satisfy your cravings.

Most popular flavors are available almost anywhere. Even some obscure ones like cocktails and certain fruit combinations. But if you are someone who is picky about the flavors you taste, you can even mix your own. There are many raw materials for creating your own vape juice available in the market today, and mixing your very own concoction is as simple as mixing your morning coffee. You simply measure the amount and mix thoroughly. Easy. Once you get the taste exactly as you want it, just add some CBD oil and you’re done.

A tip: when you mix your own vape juice, be sure to take down notes of each measurement. Because you wouldn’t want to create perfect flavor only for you not to be able to replicate it.

The Bottom Line

The availability of CDB Vape oil makes it easy now for anyone to get their organic cannabinoid medication anytime. The sheer amount of ways you can apply it are only matched by the number of products available for it. However, to get the most out of your CBD Oil, arguably the best way to use it is by vaping it. Not only can you regulate your dosage easily, you can also cure your smoking addiction (if you smoke) at the same time.

And with the ubiquity of vapers today, using CBD Vape oil in public won’t get you and sideway glances since all it looks like is you vaping on your regular e-cigarette. We have to be honest that not everyone knows the benefits of CBD oil, and once they get wind of what you are using, they might judge you for using it. While knowledge will cure this, not everyone is as receptive to the idea. So here’s another quirk of using CBD oil vapes, it makes you invisible to the discerning public who don’t know the difference between CBD and THC.

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