Turbo Permeate Technology Introduction

The vaporizer market has been growing for a long time, and over that time, we’ve seen a lot of feedback from our customers. Their CBD oil cartridges taste burnt and tend to lack flavor. Furthermore, they’ve expressed dissatisfaction with the vapor production that they’re receiving from their devices, and they need someone to provide a viable solution to this problem.

Our goal is to provide the solution to these problems. We’ve gotten the feedback, we’ve heard your concerns, and we’re here to solve the problems facing CBD oil cartridges. We’ve assembled a dedicated R&D team to research the features of ceramic materials, and we’ve even partnered with SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY. Professor Lee of SYSU is working with our R&D team to provide our customers with the very best in CBD oil cartridge technology.

This partnership has involved a lot of in-depth research, and through this research, we’ve come up with a solution. The conception of Turbo Permeate Technology will remold the face of the CBD oil vaping industry, and it’ll change the way we use porous ceramic materials.

Turbo Permeate Technology involves an advanced process that utilizes porous ceramic coils. Porous ceramic materials are covered with nanoscopic holes, and these ceramic parts are wrapped around the heating coil. This is made possible by advanced injection and mold technology.

The oil passes through these nanoscopic pores before coming in contact with the heating coil. Via siphonic effect, the oil will feed through the pores, creating clouds of vapor. This method produces plentiful clouds of flavorful vapor when there’s enough oil being fed to the coil, but when there isn’t enough oil being fed to the coil, you’ll experience the opposite: weak, burnt-tasting vapor. It tastes very bad, and it can even cause a burning sensation.

Turbo Permeate Technology effectively improves the trafficability of oil to ensure that it’s constantly being fed through the ceramic material and to the coil. This results in an overall increase in performance for oil cartridges. By reducing the resistance of the ceramic’s surface, we’ve increased the speed at which oil is fed through the ceramic. This way, there is always enough oil around the heating coil to produce flavorful, high-quality vapor.

cbd oil vape ceramic-coil-compare

The compare show between Turbo Permeate Treatment ceramic coil and regular ceramic coil.

According to our testing, there’s a huge advantage to using Turbo Permeate Technology. We’ve tested coils with and without Turbo Permeate Technology. We’ve used the same model and the same oil. The only difference is the coil. The cartridges that utilized Turbo Permeate Technology resulted in a vapor production increase of 36%. The vapor concentration increased by 28%, which means you’ll notice a drastic improvement in the vapors smoothness and flavor. The vapor produced using Turbo Permeate Technology was able to maintain temperatures within the ideal temperature range (between 104℉ and 115℉.)

Cloud Volume compare (CC)

 Vapor production Volume compare   

Vapor concentration compare

Vapor Concentration Compare

Vapor temperature Compare (F)

Vapor temperatures range compare

Turbo Permeate Technology can be applied to ceramic coil cartridges of any kind. We have tested several different brands with different cartridges.

The bottom line is that Turbo Permeate Technology allows ceramic coil cartridges to produce more consistent, more voluminous, more flavorful vapor.