Bloom Carts Packaging Empty Cartridge Bulk Wholesale


  • Use With: Concentrates (vape)
  • Size: D 10.5 mm(Diameter) * 64 mm (Height)
  • Color: Silver, White.
  • Coil Type: CCELL Ceramic
  • Resistance:1.4 Ohm
  • Capacity: 1.0 ml (0.8 ml Option)
  • Advantage: Ceramic coil heating technology perfect for thick distillate
  • Material: Brass/ Pyrex Glass
  • Intake hole: 4* D 2.0 mm

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The Bloom CBD Vape Carts With Draw Box Packaging
Empty Carts and packaging box Bulk wholesale.

Flavor list of the bloom vape carts:

Pineapple express
Champagne kush
Maui wowie
Blue Dream
Granddaddy purple
Super Lemon Haze
Green crack
Jack Herer
For the cartridge:

1.0 ml and 0.8 ml available.

we can also customize packaging.



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