Puff Flow Disposable Vape Device Bulk Wholesale


Specifications & Features:

1000 puffs available per Puff Flow device.
5% (50mg) of the nicotine Salt strength e-liquid, a strong throat hit feeling like a real cigarette.
VG and PG ratio is 70% & 30% respectively.
No maintenance, no charging, and no refilling as well.
4ml e-liquid of Salt Nic e-liquid prefilled per device.
Powered 600mAh pre-charged battery.
Simply puff on the device to activate it.
There is a switch at the bottom available for the custom airflow control selection.
compact, light as well as portable.

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Puff Flow disposable is 1000 Puffs Nic Salt vape device that has adjustable airflow able control for customizable.

Are the perfect ones to vape at any time of day. It is a device that has convertible airflow control for customizable cloud command.

It is also having a nicely depicted mouthpiece that is more akin to a refillable vape pod kit than a squared-off disposable device.

Supporting a 600mAh pre-charged battery and the direct draw system, the Puff Flow device has enough power to deliver an excellent flavor without any charging or any settings.

With the flow, the user can customize and handle or control their airflow via a twist switch.

After your device runs out of juice or battery, you can simply buy a replacement.

The nic strength is 5%( 50mg) Salt Nic style, will bring people more strong and nature throat hit feeling, like a real cigarette.

Also our Nature taste formula e-liquid also able to bring people a much comfortable and natural taste vape experience compares to others.

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List of Puff Flow Flavors:

Peach Ice
Papaya Banana
Strawberry Banana
Grape Apple Pear
Aloe Mango Melon Ice
Lychee Ice
Kiwi Strawberry
Guava Ice


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